Will the real woman please stand up

Will The Real Women Please Stand Up

"Uncommon Sense about Self-Esteem, Self-Discovery and Female Sexuality"

will the real men please stand up

Will The Real Men Please Stand Up

"A 9 Step Plan for Lasting Romance and Passion"

moving in the right direction

Moving In The Right Direction

"Surefire Strategies for a Happier, Healthier and More Resilient Mindset"

pampering pleasures

Pampering Pleasures

"101 Refreshing Me-Time Rituals for the Mind, Body and Soul"

heated pleasures

Heated Pleasures

"A Sassy Down To Earth Reference Guide on Sensuality and Self-Discovery"

sexual healing

Sexual Healing

"Over 150 Tips, Techniques and Treats to Get Your Home Fires Burning"

1001 reasons to think positive

1001 Reasons to Think Positive