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empowerment & self esteem cedar hill tx

Remember when nothing could bring you down? Learn to love yourself again and get empowered to become the best version of yourself with relatable advice from The Ella Patterson Show. Bring your concerns, thoughts, suggestions and issues to Patterson for help with self-esteem and motivation. Trust a specialist and start living a more fulfilled life.

Truth or Dare

Rekindle the fires in your love life with relationship and sex advice from Ella Patterson. As a relationship specialist, Patterson listens to both sides of the issue to create solutions that will help you bring passion back into the bedroom. When it comes to sex and relationships, Ella Patterson knows no bounds.

The Cherry Letter

The Cherry Letter

Body & Mind

You know Ella, she keeps it real. That's why you can trust her advice on your personal issues with your mind and body. The Cherry Letter brings your concerns to a lifestyle specialist and well-known author with a call to The Ella Patterson Show. Get honest, straightforward answers from a specialist who is talking about today's issues.

Date Night

Get answers to your dating, mating and relating questions by tuning into The Ella Patterson Show. Ella is a relationship specialist who addresses concerns surrounding your dating and personal life to help you reach your full potential. Take the first steps toward becoming a better you and living an empowered life by listening to date night suggestions on The Ella Patterson Show.


Do you love pop culture and the glamorous lives of celebrities? Keeping up with the latest gossip in Hollywood is no sin. Mass media outlets that often expose celebrities from all angles are what we latch onto in order to stay in the loop with the latest trends, drama and celebrity gossip. The Ella Patterson Show discusses entertainment and leisure news to keep you on the inside of the fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle.